Our Story So Far

The Perfect Inspiration | Sonnet 43

The name Sonnet 43 was inspired by the Victorian poet Elizabeth Barret Browning, who was born and raised in Coxhoe, County Durham, the village our brewery calls home.

A renowned writer, Elizabeth was strong-willed and outspoken, refusing to conform to societal norms or follow the crowd – an attitude we deeply admire. Of her plethora of poems, Sonnet 43 moved us the most. The love she describes echoes our own passion and devotion to beer, in fact, we loved it so much we penned our own.

“This time to me is a quiet release,
It’s a hug and a handshake, a break and belief.
In gathering together with people we trust,
We all take a moment to remember and fuss.
Sit back and smile and wonder –
Stand up and laugh about blunders.
Lean a bit closer and gather round beer,
Making a case that you all have to hear.
“Another!” is cried from across the bar,
It’s gusto, it’s guts, it’s all taste and heart.
So, create those moments around you,
When building big plans with a nice view.
Bring me a sonnet, a song, and my wallet,
I love it when beer is the right brew.”


Brewing is how we express ourselves

We love and respect the hoppy stuff in all of its glorious forms. Our brews are our interpretation of the beer styles we love to drink, and the result is inevitably some seriously tasty pints you’ll want to enjoy time and again. The names of our latest brews have all been influenced by Barret Browning’s brave and momentous story.

Take a look at our latest core range featuring The Raven, Seraphim, Impressment, Abolition and Aurora.


Our awards

We do this for the love of making and tasting great beer. However, it’s always nice to be recognised by some of our peers and the groups judging ‘What’s hot?’ in our industry. Here are some of the great awards we’ve picked up so far. It goes without saying, but we’re very proud of them!