Pretzels On My Mind – OUT OF STOCK


What’s in it?
Hops: Challenger
Malt: Pale, Chocolate, Munich, Crystal, Cara, Roasted, Biscuit, Caramel Steam, Wheat
Extras: Cacoa Nibs, Baked Pretzels, Lactose
Yeast: Cameron’s English Ale Yeast
ABV: 10%
Allergens: Gluten ( Barley & Wheat, ) Oats, Lactose
Not Vegan Friendly

Out of stock



Our second ever Imperial Stout got us thinking what other interesting ingredients could we meld with a 10% stout? Pretzels? Chocolate?
Why not?

We’ve added a twisted amount of salted pretzels to this thick, creamy, chocolatey, goodness.

We’re not sure how many pretzels that is per can, as we’re still counting them, but we know they add a hint of saltiness for that distinct chocolatey sweet and salty taste.

Pretzels On My Mind is currently out of stock